Despite the fact that some are nyctophilic,the darkness has always been regarded as more more of a negative character than a positive one. Since the medieval times, the darkness is known for the monsters and spirits it brings with it. However ironically, according to me the darkness ignites one’s imagination. I’d say it makes one think more creatively and kindles the innovativeness in ones mind leading to both bright and dull thoughts. Thepossibilities are endless. 

The fact of the matter is that the darkness just reflects our fears and beliefs. It reflects our personalities and thought processes. It reflects the people we were in the past as well as the people we are going to be. It reflects ones comforts and ignorances but above all, it just reflects the demons we are trying to escape from inside our head. 

P.S.   Not knowing about your surroundings doesn’t always have to be terrifying.


Often mistaking the meaning of death. 

//In the innumerable stories and poems I’ve come across,I often wonder why death is regarded as an evil character in most cases. “Now she will no longer be with us” or “all memories have faded away after her absence” or even “I feel so empty without having him around.” However, I don’t agree with the lines itself.

Without having somebody you truly adore around does not mean that everything you once shared,the special bond,the memories, the happy times have just faded away,just slowly and silently disintegrating. Without having someone around does not mean that their presence cannot be felt,does not mean that everything is to be forgotten about that person. It does not mean that everything that reminds you of the person is to be broken or taken away. It does not mean what you think of it to be.

Death is nothing but another adventure. It is nothing but another story to be written,it is nothing but another mystery to be unravelled and it is nothing but another place waiting impatiently to be explored.//